Photo Manipulation - Create Powerful Portrait Fiery Flames In Photoshop

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 in this tutorial you can learn how to create powerful cinematic portrait with amazing visual effects in photoshop cc , this design contain big human body is boxing and around of his body is filled with flames and fires and Burned parts of his body , so the picture reflect image of man and his power , well with this tutorial we will do that step by step for creating one of the most amazing effects in photoshp .

first open flames texture ( link of download in bottom of tutorial ) then go to channels tab and select RGB then click and hold on ctrl button and in same time click on left side of mouse you will see parts of wallpaper has selected , so now we immediately go to texture and click on layer via copy with right click on mouse , new layer with flames has created

now drag the flames to man picture and separate flames each one to single where evey layer has flames and here there are 3 flames and that mean we have 3 layers As shown in picture above

temporarily we will hide flames layers and now we select the man completely with quick selection tool , and to make clipping more professionally after selecting we go to refine edge after that we note that separated background transferred to another color or other form , anyway after that we click and hold on left side of mouse and scroll it in all edges of body in one round then click ok ,the body has selected now we click on layer via copy then check flames layers

now drag the three flames layers to back of man on left side after that duplicate those 3 layers and drag duplicated to other side of man and make sure the layers in bottom of man layer as shown in picture above

merge the first three layers in one layer and merge other three layers in other one but decrease opacity for other one to 55 as shown above

to add more effective effects to flames , create new layer and select brush tool with middle size as shown and select orange color with this code #be6f09 and paint 4 spots or more to different places on flames then change blending mode to color dodge and decrease opacity to 75 percent to make it more realistic as shown

again with new layer and same tool and same color paint spots on body and little on hands and change blending mode to color burn with decreasing opacity to 80 percent

more of effects it mean more of beauty for design , so with HQ lights effects bundle ( link of download in bottom of tutorial ) we will add some of lens flare effects to design , drag this one organe small to picture and after that click on free transform then move it and flip it to shoulder then to make it fit completely click on warp and warp it to make it fit with body

after finishing , copy another one of lens flare in new layer and drag it to other side of man and make it fit with body if there is a need and it will be as shown in below

with more power and effect that mean we're talking about color efex pro plugin that contain a lot of amazing effects , so open color efex in filters tab then from effects list select bleach bypass effect with same amounts for brightness and saturation...etc , as show in below then click ok

the picture will be in high contrast mode , for that decrease opacity of effect layer to 55 percent , now effect is ready , have nice time


to download flames texture and light effects bundle : Download


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