If you are  graphic designer or starter in photoshop . the textures are one the most important element for your designs .it's used to change the overall look of your designs using high quality textures that can be downloaded here

here we share with you nice pack of free textures collection . scratch textures. so with this textures you can add grunge effect or old retro style effect to your design

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with a lot of fonts you can create what you want . with other words you're ready to create amazing designs with photoshop , the fonts are primary factor for every designer to create brochure or magazine or poster or any type of design , so in this blog we show 10 best types of fonts for photoshop , mixture of fonts contain fonts for web designs and projects and fonts for cinematic and drama designs and fonts for fanatsy designs also fonts for oil and random writing designs and others types of projects . all this fonts are free for download and from source





Aliens And Cows


Walk this way

KG Life is Messy

K26 Primrose Peach


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without plugins or addons like styles or actions or brushes the photoshop is nothing and for that they added all this stuff and one of the most interesting things in photoshop it's styles . with styles you can create amazing interesting texts and titles in photoshop and with that you can create amazing designs for your projects . anway in this blog we provided you very nice collection of glossy golden styles for texts in photoshop .

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in this blog we show you best set metal patterns for photoshop . so you can create metallic designs in texts and photos . with metal pattern you can create amazing metallic text like stone text or iron title and other effects . for photos you can transform the picture into metallic picture cracked picture or overlapping photo .

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with this gradients you can create amazing texts and titles with photoshop . now download 75 photoshop gradients for free , it contain autumn gradients , pink splash gradients rivendell gradients sea dreams gradients

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